Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm back.

First off, is it lame that I put up a wedding picture, even though we've almost been married a year? I hope not because I like it, and it’s the only picture of summer that we have (since Idaho started its summer two days ago..)
Second, sorry about the absence. But, guess what, I have pictures! Just like I promised. I went to work at seven this morning and came back to a sparkling clean apartment. I have the best husband ever. So, since Brandon finished all of the dirty work I decided to take some pictures of our apartment! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s home. And I like it. Enjoy! 
 So, this is what you see right when you walk it's like family room/kitchen. 
This is a more accurate picture of our family room. See those colorful balls on our coffee table? I am proud to say I crafted them! A lot of projects came from being stuck inside since November.
This could be my most favorite part of our apartment. There's windows surrounding our eating area, so I get to watch our crazy neighbors while I'm eating breakfast.
Our slightly cramped kitchen.
The bar by our kitchen..also notice those balls on the candle sticks? Yet, another craft.
Now, if you were to turn around from that last picture you'd be facing our patio. Another favorite part of our apartment. Brandon and I have eaten out on it the last two nights..wonderful!
Our hallway..exciting I know.
This is our guest bathroom/Brandon's bathroom/laundry room.
Our  guest bedroom. Brandon humored me on this one..I practically crafted the whole room, starting with those wall hangings. I promise I have a life.
Okay, I know this is pretty much the same picture but I had so show you the night stand, another one of my creations. Also, the guest room has it's own alarm clock, (even though we don't get guests..) the first night I used it I am pretty sure it almost scared Brandon to death, therefore it got denoted to the guest room.
Finally the office. Boring, but useful.

As you probably noticed there is not a picture of Brandon and I's bathroom or bedroom, why you may ask? Well, those are the rooms I am supposed to clean. And I haven't done it yet. Don't judge.
So there it is, our apartment. I hope there is one thing everyone gathered from this post..we have a guest bathroom and a guest bedroom...and they never get used (hint hint).
Anyhow, have a wonderful Saturday!