Sunday, September 25, 2011

A nice weekend.

I wish I could think of some witty way to start this post, but I've got nothing. Instead I just sit in my lonely apartment and wish my mom, sister and nephew didn't have to go back to Arizona. Everything reminds me of that little guy, it's pathetic. Like really, even the power outlet made me think of him.

See what I mean, I know it's not a spitting image, but it's close enough to make me miss him that much more.    
See the resemblance? But, don't worry Kash, I don't think you look like a power outlet, your much cuter.  

Anyhow, instead of explaining every detail, I'll just share some of my favorite photos from the weekend:

Kashden experiencing his first real breath of fresh air.
This one is just hilarious. Look how little he is on that huge lovesac. He was quite enjoying himself.
So cute.

I think this one might be my favorite, it is just too cute!
Or this one..
maybe this one..
Let's face it, Kash makes every picture practically perfect.
Aww, I love those smiles!
Anyways, we had such a nice time. I am thinking that Christmas is way to long to wait until I get to see them again. Yes, definitely way too long.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The parking lot is not a playground.

Well it's not. But the kids in our apartment complex thing it is. There's about ten of them, they just ride their bikes around like they own the place. Well guess what, my car is bigger than your bike. I find myself waiting patiently as all ten of them shuffle from one side of the street to the other, and then sometimes back again. Really, I don't mind that they play, I encourage being outside instead of glued to a video game. It's just the fact that my front bumper has gotten awful close a couple of times, which makes me nervous.

It gets worse when they decide to play a game of tag. Really, it becomes a real-life version of Frogger. They dart and dodge around my moving vehicle to avoid being tagged. I hope I valued my life a little more than that when I was younger. The irony of it all is that there's a perfectly good grassy area across the street that looks way more inviting than the black asphalt, even if it is the landscaping around the AmeriTel.

I might just anonymously post this sign around our complex: 

I think the "thanks" really helps. Don't you?

But, it is things like this that make me crave my own home. In a real neighborhood. Without awkward neighbors who smoke all day long. One that has a garage and a backyard, maybe even a pool..I should probably stop. But for now, I will be patient and wait for the little munchkins to cross the street, while I day dream about my future home.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crafting and happy.

You might have noticed that I am slightly obsessed with the color combination of yellow and gray. I am not sure where this obsession developed but I think it's fabulous. They were even my wedding colors, which I know was a long time ago (unless you don't count a little over a year that long ago...) but I still like to use them often. 

This last craft combined my wedding pictures and my favorite color combination, so it's one of those win-win situations. We has some frames hanging my the wedding pictures in our hallway that said: "May 22nd, Friends, Fun, and Family. It was cute, but I needed a change. So, Photoshop and I got together and created these little guys. They say: "May twenty-second two-thousand and ten the day we became truly happy."

The view from walking into the hallway.

The view from the other side of the hallway...and some of our lovely wedding photos.
This one is my favorite.

It's true really. I think about my life before that day and most of it seems so flat. I have always been happy, but not like this. That's why the word "truly" is so important. Happiness is easily achieved, but it's that true real feeling of complete joy that I am talking about here. Not the momentary kind. Do you get what I am saying? I mean, I am not out in left field here, right? There's just something different about the day that you know you will be with your best friend forever. Maybe when we start having kids that day will change, but I know that from here on out, I get the pleasure of experiencing true happiness.

I am so lucky.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September should be warmer.

I feel lame wanting to turn my heat on since it's only the 4th of September, but our apartment hasn't gotten over seventy degrees all day and that is way too cold for my warm-blooded self. So instead of succumbing to temptation I pull on some of my most comfy socks, my Plymouth crew neck sweatshirt, and only leave the confines of my blanket if absolutely necessary. One of those times came around lunch.

I wasn't kidding about the socks. Please excuse the fact that the right one seems to be dirty, I really have no explanation.

So, reluctantly I leave my room, and my book (which is probably the hardest feat), and make my way for the kitchen, remembering the delicious stew my father-in-law gave us a couple days ago. As he would say, "you can just taste the vitamins". Almost the whole stew is made up of veggies from his garden. Seriously, so wonderful. So, to complete the "it's cold and feels like fall so I need to eat warm comfort food" idea I make some of my favorite bread sticks, which unlike the stew contains nothing healthy, which I justify as being okay. (I figure we all find ways to make healthy things completely unhealthy so it doesn't really matter. . . kind of the like the carrots that we had last night that were drenched in butter and brown sugar, mmmhmm, anyways. . .)

My lunch, be jealous.

So, I guess that I am trying to say is that I really don't mind getting all bundled up if the result is warm stew and homemade bread sticks. Sometimes good things come with the bad. Which is obviously lame, but I guess you just have to learn how to get by. Ahh, the beauty of it all.

Have a splendid week.