Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A nice gesture.

So, sometimes I get these really bad headaches, like on the verge of migraine headaches. Well, this morning (around four) I got one of these delightful headaches. I was tossing and turning so I accidentally woke up Brandon. He asked me if I was okay. When I told him I was fine and that he should go back to bed he said, "okay I'll finish up with your customers then." I kind of laughed then said, okay thanks. Later on (around five) I told him about this and he said that he was serious and he would have even put the sale in my name. I just thought that was such a nice gesture. Thankfully my Excedrin Migraine kicked in...in two ways. My headache stopped but I think I fell asleep around 7:15, thanks to all of that lovely caffeine those things are loaded with.

On a side note, I am going to post apartment pictures soon. I just need to find a place to hide all my junk when I take the pictures :)

Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

True Love Tid-Bits: Take Two

I have this weird obsession with socks. Not just any socks but nice comfy, soft, fluffy ones. I believe I have this obsession because I have terrible circulation in my feet, they are always freezing. Well, sometimes I forget to put socks on before I go to bed, or just when I am wondering the house. Last night as we were going to bed Brandon noticed I didn't have socks on. He hurried and rushed to my sock drawer, pulled out a pair, and slipped them on my feet.

See, true love right there.

Have a great night.