Monday, August 22, 2011

The old man downstairs and more.

The old man that lived downstairs is gone. We came back from our family reunion in Jackson Hole last Saturday and we haven't seen him since. We are starting to miss his Brooklyn accent, and his frequent hellos, even though his unfiltered cigarette smoke gave me headaches. It just doesn't seem right, he didn't even say goodbye. Oh well, farewell old man that used to live downstairs.

On another not so positive note, I might have tuberculosis. This week I got a TB skin test. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with TB skin test, they put some liquid stuff right under your skin, it forms a bump, but it is supposed to go down. Then, your return in 48 hours, and if the bump is still fairly large you have TB. I went in to get my results, the lady felt my bump and said, "oh I don't know, this isn't right" and left the room. Gee, thanks for the reassurance. In the end they are almost positive I don't have it. But, I won't know for sure until I am old and my immune system starts shutting down. I guess I best live life to the fullest.

Lastly, look at my cute husband.

I captured this right before he fell asleep, seriously precious.

I hope everyone has a nice week. I am starting an internship at Madison Junior High in Rexburg, so I am sure I will have some wonderful stories to share soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The attack of the mosquito.

Okay. So, so much has happened since I last posted. The semester ended (thank goodness). We went on vacation. We planted an herb garden. Brandon and I both moved up in the workforce. We had some visitors. Really, it’s been crazy. But I am not going to talk about those things. Instead today is going to be about the mosquitoes.
Yes. The mosquitoes. Because these little nuisances have really been putting a damper on my quality of life.
Exhibit A. 

First off, I did some research and Wikipedia said that these aren’t even mosquitoes. Instead they call them crane flies and claim they do not bite humans. Lies. Well, maybe not, but I don’t want to take any risks.
They have taken over our patio and our stairs and pretty much fly around like they own the place. Therefore, I am almost afraid to leave my apartment. Which is silly, I know. But thanks to my sister, I have this engrained belief that a bite from a mosquito will give me aids (thanks Tenille). Now is there truth to this? I don’t really know. It seemed logical to my 8 year-old-self.
So, I sit here staring out my window at these very disgusting creatures and find myself wishing for colder weather so they die. So, fall I wouldn’t mind if you came, as long as you kill the mosquitoes.
Ha, have a lovely day!