Tuesday, May 15, 2012

brandon and i took an adventure.

Now, in terms of adventures this one might seem a little less exotic, but it was fun nonetheless. We spent the weekend in Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is a fun little community. It's a little too ritzy and free spirited for everyday life but it's fun to experience a town that gives you dirty looks if you use a disposable arrowhead water bottle.
One of our bike rides destinations.

This trip was supposed to be in honor of the maiden voyage of our new bikes. We even purchased a bike rack and all sorts of cool biking gear (that never left the package and we will most likely be returning). Let me say that although we had big plans to utilize our bikes every second and hang out with everyone else trying to reduce their carbon footprint, it didn't quite go that way. Don't get me wrong, we put some miles on those suckers but I am still an advocate of a mode of transportation that doesn't require any physical exertion.
We thought we were so cool driving around with this beauties on the back of our car.

We did get to eat at some new and exciting places that weren't our typical dinning choice. For example, the first night we ate at the Snake River Brewery. I think the waitress was utterly shocked when we both ordered water even though they are famous for their beer. She was even more shocked when we ordered the most conservative things on the menu. See, I used to consider myself a real hippie, especially when almost all I asked for Christmas one year was tie-dye packets, but after seeing some serious dreads there and a guy come in with a bear rug I think I was always fooling myself on my dedication to hippie-ness. Anyways, we also hit up Hagen Dazs possibly twice and ate authentic Italian, which made me realize that I really love Americanized Italian. 
Some of the first class views we saw on our bike ride.

The most exciting thing we did was attempt mountain biking, emphasis on the attempt. After some extensive research we discovered a little trail that was described as "easy", "a roller coaster", and "perfect for the beginning mountain biker". We were sold. We arrived at the destination a little hesitant, the terrain was certainly not illustrating "easy" and "perfect for the beginning mountain biker". But, being the adventurous spirits we are, we hopped on that 4.7 mile trail ready for some serious fun. After thirty minutes and 1.5 miles later we located an escape route the led us back to our car where we sheepishly packed up and exited the premises. Brandon could have easily dominated that trail, he even stated that mountain biking may be his new thing. Now, I did not dominate that trail, I was definitley dominated. The uphills killed me and the down hills scared me to death. So, in the end I decided that maybe some nice flat paved trails would be a little better and that's exactly the type of riding we did the rest of the trip.  
Brandon dominating that trail.

 All in all it was so lovely! We has such a grand time. I hope your weekend treated you equally as well. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

what today is about.

Today is about bright flowers that were most definitley purchased on a whim.

Today is also about bright $8.00 Michael's shirts that are ridiculously legit.
Today is about a husband who takes your car while you're at work so he can wash and clean it.

It's also about listening to Andy Grammer's Fine By Me, and thinking it's more than fine by me.

It's about cute strappy sandals that are still slightly uncomfortable but are worn regardless, because of their cuteness.

Today's about getting a bike rack in the mail so cruising can ensue outside of city of Idaho Falls.
Today is about barbecues and honeydew with friends.

It's about getting off work early and watching a sister-in-law kick it at a district tennis tournament. 

It's about having to use multiple band-aids because of sheer clumsiness and carelessness.

Today is about the two-week anniversary of dropping this boy off at the MTC.

It's about a slight breeze that whips hair back and forth.

It's about the line of sticky notes on the closet that Brandon left for me yesterday that I am refusing to take down.

But really, today is about life and all of the lovely things in it. 

Here's to you and you discovering what today is about.