Monday, April 23, 2012

some random musings instead of doing productive things.

Saturday while working diligently at GH (aka Great Harvest) I got a piece of lettuce in my left eye. Yes, a legitimate piece of lettuce, albeit rather small. And it stung quite bad. And I think the other girls I was working with thought I had gone slightly crazy, because they couldn't decipher how a piece of lettuce would end up in my eye.

Today I found myself getting super frustrated at work. I think I almost made a child cry when I demanded if he wanted his free slice of bread. I used my extra high Great Harvest voice-the voice that sounds nice and friendly but is really underlying with Cruella de Vil evilness. He didn't stay in the store for that long. Especially since he was close the the trashcan that I gently kicked out of my way but really skirted 4 feet across the floor. I wonder if he will return for a second free slice. 

Draw Something and Scramble with Friends totally stress me out. I can never keep up on my games. Last night I finally caught up and now I am behind again. I just want some closure. The struggle is I enjoy them. I just sort of fail at them.

I rode my bike to work today. It was a great decision until the sky turned all gray and it started to smell like rain. Good thing Brandon followed me all the way home just in case I needed to be rescued from a very unwelcome rainstorm.

By the way, did you even know that we got ridiculously legitimate bikes a few weeks ago? I bet not. Brandon and I love our new bikes. All graduation funds went to support this endeavor. Thank you contributors who unknowingly supported our healthy lifestyle change.
Look at those beauties.
I am patiently waiting for Brandon to return home. Since we both worked and Brandon had a meeting tonight I haven't really been able to see him. Good thing I have a plethora of photographs that I can look at that help me not miss him quite as much. But, I hope he returns home soon.

Just one of many cute photos I have of brandon.
I better end my musings for the night. I know you're probably still wondering how that piece of lettuce got in my eye, but it will do you some good to ponder about it. Ha, have a wonderful evening!

Monday, April 16, 2012

monday and more.

Let's start with the more. 

We just got back from Arizona. We had such a wonderful time. So so so nice. We feel like we were robbed. It was too short. But we had some fun experiences: eating at yummy places, fulfilling my chipotle cravings, cutting off ten inches of hair, going to engagement parties, watching seth and brandon tear it up at bowling, getting wicked hiking sunburns, swimming in sand entry pools (which are so incredibly cool), going to the temple, and spending some great time with the fam. 
Check out that good looking bunch of individuals. If only ryan and brittany were there.
And after having a weekend like that, Monday is like a terrible curse word.
This morning was a rough one. Mostly because it started with laundry and the realization that our goal to eat healthy was being reinforced, oh and our goal at exercising. Brandon and I are both cursing our running shoes right about now.

And I returned to the jolly ol' Great Harvest. I had a very warm welcome. I am sure I will have a few stories to share about my time there. Dealing with the great public population always adds some excitement to my life, especially when free slices of bread of involved. 

But overall the more was more exciting than the Monday, hopefully this glorious start of the week treated you slightly more kindly.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A little bit of success.

That's right. I graduated. It's over. It's a very bittersweet experience. I happen to thoroughly enjoy school. I like making friends and learning new things. I like backpacks and school events. I like feeling apart of something. And now that something is gone. See, it's a sad thing. But, I don't like homework, tests, writing essays, driving to Rexburg everyday, walking around campus in the snow, ridiculously heavy textbooks, staying up late to finish homework, doing homework on the weekends, and a few other things. So, it kind of balances out. But thankfully I am going into education so I will get to experience school for the rest of my life. (Sometimes I question what drove me to be an English Teacher). But, it's a great experience to go to school. I highly recommend it. Plus you might meet a cute boy like this..
A cute boy who is totally supportive of my education and helped me through it. See, school is worth it just for that. But, really the whole process was great. And it was lovely to have a graduation ceremony to seal the deal. My parents made the trek up for the event and my in-laws were there as well.
 Fun, yes? I think so. I felt very spoiled and loved almost every second of it. The next step is to get a great job and start making my millions as an English teacher. Wish me luck!