Friday, December 14, 2012

Brag shesh, round two.

I need to do a little bragging about my Brandon. And yes, I know I did this not too long ago. But, when I think about my life and the important things in it, Brandon always tops it. Always. I can name at least 10 things that he does for me everyday, just because. But today, it was like he was super man times 100! I just feel so thankful and blessed and really just need to do a little bragging. This is how today went:

Alarms went off, I snoozed, Brandon got up so I didn't have to. When I was getting ready he sorted the laundry (as I was pointing out to him which items of clothes he should probably include, I am seriously horrible. It went like this, "Brandon you should probably come in here and grab some, there's a lot of dirty clothes.." goodness me). 

Let me preface the rest of his awesomeness with saying that this week was his finals week. Everyday this week he went to school early and came home late. When I had finals, by the end of them I collapsed on the couch with a good book and took a three day vacation. Not Brandon. 

After finishing his last final this morning he cleaned the house, bathrooms, kitchen, vacuumed, the works. Did the laundry. Like all of it. Like folded it and put it away even. Ran lots of errands. Returned things that I didn't want to return (returning things could possibly me one of my least favorite things ever). Brought in the dry cleaning. Brought me lunch! And amidst all of this, organized a 12 days of Christmas for me. Like, presents for each day, a riddle for each day, wrapped and everything. And it started today. And I opened a scarf I've been ogling over and some chocolates.

And that was only at 3 in the afternoon.

This man is superman, and he's mine :)
I am seriously, so so so lucky. I love my Brandon.