Friday, November 11, 2011

A list of recents.

So, it's been a while. I know you're not too distraught. But let's just be honest. My life has about as much excitement as my pet tortoise's, Gus Gus. And all he does everyday is sleep and eat grass.

But, a couple of fun and exciting things have happened:

1. A new little nephew was added to our family this past week. His name is Logan and he looks absolutely precious. Since Stacie and Rob (this said cuties parents) are going to school in Michigan we haven't had a chance to meet him. But, we will get the opportunity to cuddle and hold him during Christmas time and Brandon and I are very excited for that. 

2. We have officially started the application process for Brandon's MBA program. This makes me super giddy, but does not quite have the same affect on Brandon. Maybe that's because he's going to be writing all the essays and doing all of the dirty work, which when I start to think about it, it does sound awful. I choose schools purely on location, which I realize is not the right way to go about this, but it sure has been fun. I am anxious to find out were we will be!

3. We got our first legitimate snow the other day. It was hideous. (I'd totally show a picture but I am afraid that you would think that it is a very illegitimate amount of snow)

4. Let's see, I start my student teaching at Hillcrest High School in Idaho Falls this January. It's quite laughable what I am going to be teaching. Senior English and AP English, only less AP considering I am not even a college graduate yet, and they don't really trust me to be teaching a college type class. I don't trust myself either, so it works out quite nicely.

5. I went to my first Super Saturday activity for our church Relief Society and created these little beauties. Good thing I can keep them up for like two more weeks...
Don't you love how the T is crooked? I think it almost adds character..almost.
6. I am listening to all the Harry Potter books on tape and have realized how much better they are than the Twilight series. Like, seriously no comparison. I look back and can't even believe I spent so much of my time reading those. I am glad my reading tastes are starting to mature. That doesn't mean I am not going to see the Breaking Dawn movie coming out next week though..

Ha, you can tell that our lives are super exciting. I can't even get past 6 major events, and one of them was listening to the Harry Potter series as I drive to school everyday. This is getting rather pathetic. Good thing I don't mind being a little pathetic.

Let's finish today up with a little inspiring quote from one of my students, because they know how it is:

Teacher: "Have you ever tried to rescue someone from the gallows?"
Student: "Yah, it sucks."

I must say, the teacher set herself up for that one. Have a super lovely weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Much like last Tuesday, I had some great laughs today. Seriously, these kids are so funny. Hopefully I don't bore you with these but I just had to share!

First quote:
Teacher: "Don't you think it's important to be honest?"
Student: "Sometimes.."

Well, I know honesty is important but this kid might be on to something..But really, if you were his teacher how would you have responded? Maybe something like this, "You know, you're right, honesty is only important most of the times, sometimes it's okay to be a little shady." I guess it might be days like this that I start to fear for the future of our country. Thankfully his teacher just kind of looked at him and walked away..

Second quote:
"Snow White was greedy. She did take the apple."

I can say that I have never thought about that before. I mean maybe she should have been thinking about all the kids in Africa who really could have used that apple, or the nice little forest creatures who wanted a treat, what in the world was Snow White thinking?!

Ah, great aren't they? These moments make teaching all worth it.

On a more positive note check out my oober cute nephew.

I like how he's giving me the stare down. If only he were smiling, he has like the cutest smile.

I went to the land of sun and warmth a couple weekends ago and got to see him. Oh and I got to see my family as well :) But, let's be honest he is just a little bit more exciting than them, sorry guys..

Anyhow, have a lovely week!