Friday, May 31, 2013

Becoming a gardener.

Well, as much as a gardener you can become when you live in an apartment and all you have is a patio half the size of a normal persons couch.

When we found out we were moving to Colorado my only request was that I could plant a tomato plant. Seriously, that was it. And when we found out that our apartment had a patio I felt like all my wishes were coming true. (Besides the wish that I could have a real house with a real backyard, and the wish to be skinny, that's always a good wish).

Then when we got there Brandon asked what I wanted to do first and obviously I said that I just wanted to plant a tomato. I think he thought I was kidding the entire time, which I am not sure why, because when you make it to a new and exciting city isn't the first thing you want to do is also plant a tomato plant? Sheesh.

So off to Home Depot we went. And oh my goodness I had no idea how difficult it was to choose a tomato plant! Have you ever been there to choose a single tomato plant? There's like at least 22 different variation with the most awesome names ever. Seriously, just for a good laugh head over to your local Home Depot and check out those tomato plants. You'll have a grand time. Now, I decided to be practical since we are only going to be in this mile-high city for about two months so I chose a patio tomato plant (which might have been a mistake) and the early girl, which promises fruit within 50 days. Oh and a sweet basil plant, just because it seemed like a really good idea.

I pretty much love my plants. I check on them all of the time and just think it's amazing how much they are growing. (I feel a little silly because I'm pretty sure I've read that same line in a blog that is describing children and I'm using it to refer to my plants..hmm).
Right after I planted these little gems..
And seriously only 10 days later. TEN DAYS!
I do realize that there is a possibility that they might not produce any tomatoes, which makes me almost tear up, almost. But I think they'll pull through. If not, they just may be taking the journey back to Idaho with us until they live up to my expectations. I am sure I can pack two 2-foot high plants in my car without Brandon even noticing, don't you think? I mean, the succulents make the journey over, so it just seems practical.
See, the succulents made it and they're absolutely flourishing. Besides several dead leaves..
Anyhow, hopefully this gives you some hope if you are in the business of growing a pot of tomato on your patio (or if you live in Colorado, I suppose you could grow marijuana since it is legal..just kidding don't do that). Ha, have a lovely weekend :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This month of May.

I have this silly whiteboard calendar that I use to gauge all of the most important things in life with. One of those most important things is what we are going to have for dinner. Another important thing is any big life-changing event. I get super giddy when I can erase the former months activities and start on a new month. It makes that said months big events seem much more tangible and closer, like they are pretty much going to happen any day. May felt like this. Right when I could write May at the top of the board I just knew that this month would zoom on by. And it has. In a good way, I think. For example, one event on my infamous whiteboard calendar was our move to Denver, Colorado. And although it did seem like a ways a way when I scribbled it in, it came all of the sudden.

Denver seems like a dandy place. It's supposedly known for its outdoorsy-ness (even though all I can really see are freeways). It boasts of being awfully close to the Rockies, which is an impressive sight. If you happen to have any knowledge of the Denver area we'd love to hear it. Especially if it includes, but is not limited to the following: local eating joints, good bike trails, even better hiking trails, and really breathtaking weekend/day trips. Brandon and I are determined to enjoy this summer in its fullest.

My whiteboard calendar also includes the 3rd year anniversary of our marriage. And folks, today is that day. This very day, three years ago Brandon and I sealed the deal. And I am ever so grateful for that each and every day. Brandon is truly my better half. I am so in love with him and each day that love grows even more. Although I am not quite sure how that happens, it does, and it is truly wonderful.

And although I feel like this is a monumental day (because it is), that everyone should stop and pay some recognition to it, that there should probably be some fireworks to celebrate its greatness, and at the very least Brandon should have the day off so we can frolic around this new city, it is not. Instead I am home thinking about the love of my life and how it's pretty much a crime that he has to work and we can't spend every single moment of it together. Sigh. I guess it's moments like these that help that love grow even more each day.

So here's to three perfect years of grand marriage. And getting to be with my forever, forever.

Wishing you the very best for the rest of your May.