Tuesday, July 10, 2012

living the life.

Why hello there long lost blogging world, I am back. And not even with something that cool. See, I have had the intentions of blogging so many wonderful and exciting things. I’ve done new crafts, been to fun places, and have really had a great summer. And, that is precisely why I have felt no need to share all of my summer excitement with the outside world. Plus, the kairos was waaay off. But now, I feel that I can probably just do it anyway, plus all of my readers do need a play by play of our exciting summer.
We kicked off our summer with a much-needed trip to Boise, ID. Have you been there? It’s actually pretty legit. I say actually because I was a little nervous and a slightly skeptical. Who would have thunk that it is actually a first class place to live! 
As you can see, our pictures were few and far between, but it was a lovely time.
Next Brandon and I had a pretty extensive date night. It involved these nifty paddle Velcro things (without a picture that could potentially sounds slightly scandalous…)

We danced it up at the park and had a jolly grand time. I am almost positive that the passer-bys thought we were on something, that something being more than love. (ha, cheese fest).
rockin' out. i know we have killer dance moves.
Our date extravagant date nights don't end there. A few nights later we trekked it up to the lake and made gourmet (ha) tin-foil dinners. Oh, and I probably dominated at paddle ball, the details are a little fuzzy.  
us being super awesome, as always.

gourmet, yes?
Then we planted flowers. And how beautiful they were. Now, they are not flourishing quite as well. I blame the sun. And our patio. Since the sun doesn’t quite reach it, which leads to dead-ish flowers. Oh and I guess you can blame me, since I don't water often. Our flowers had no chance. 
beautiful, right? an after picture will not make any sort of debut.
After all that jazz, my parents came up to these parts to have a first class fishing experience. Us living here happened to be a bonus so we got to hang with them. That involved some scenic hikes in the Jackson area, along with mountain biking, and tram riding. And then a little Playmill watching up in West Yellowstone. And, they felt the trip was a success since they both caught monster fish. 
tram riding w/the mom.
a pretty intense hike that we were almost positive we'd see a bear on...
we saw the drowsy chaperone-super duper cute.
my dad claims his is like an ounce bigger...oh men.
 Then of course Brandon and I had to do some Island Parking of our own. And let me tell you this was lovely! Island Park is so absolutely gorgeous in the summer. And nothing beats riding the razor at sunset with the best hunk of man I’ve ever seen.
See, one hunk of a man.
 (Wow, can you tell this is getting quite extensive? sorry folks.)
Then, I braved the elements and the stress and sleepless nights for a week full of girls camp galore. Yes, I helped plan this crazy ridiculous and extremely fun event. And it was just that, plus a little bit more that I couldn’t ever explain in one blog post. 
my lovely ladies.
 And finally, in this last week we celebrated America’s birth. Oh and the celebration it was! Idaho Falls knows how to through a rad party. We were graced with a great fire celebration in the sky that was paired with tunes that could potentially bring a glistening tear to your eyes. Goodness, we are lucky.
loving America.
Now, Brandon and I are living the life. In just a few short weeks we are heading to San Diego with the fam and are so incredibly excited. In fact, I’ve even been working on my tan so I don’t blind anyone, you’re welcome in advanced.