Monday, July 14, 2014

These inconsequential things.

Just recently I went from being so incredibly busy to having virtually nothing of great importance to accomplish. My day somewhat revolves around caring for my garden, but since they are in grow boxes they don’t need to be weeded, and I only water them once a day. I do spend a fair amount of time staring at them just to make sure they look okay. So, since this is typically the height of excitement for my day I have been able to have some experiences that many would probably consider mediocre but really turn my day into an adventure.

1. Bugs. All of the sudden I have a heightened awareness of creepy crawlers.  They. Are. Everywhere. Just last week one had the audacity to enter into my home with me just mere feet away. It just hopped its way up the steps from the garage and was enjoying a little stroll around my entryway. Now, I can’t blame the creature for coming inside. Since this incident of the door turning phantom on me and locking me out, I keep it propped open when I water my flowers since the hose spout is in the garage. Anyhow, the bug must have realized it sat in the shadow of my shoe because it scuttled it’s way into the closet. And all women know that there is no way we are going to open that closet and engage in a human vs. bug war. So I did the most logically thing possible. I barricaded it in that closet. And I checked on it frequently throughout the day just to guarantee it didn’t muscle its way out of my barricade.
When Brandon did kill it, it felt rather anticlimactic. He said something like, “Is the bug this little cricket?” He let me examine it as it swirled down the drain while I swore that it was bigger and more beetle-like, and it must be a new breed that can transform itself to whatever the bug hater most despises-like a boggart of bugs. I am still avoiding that closet, sure that the real creature I saw scuttle in there is still lurking in the corners.

2. Brandon and I went on a fine little walk yesterday. The typical rainstorm had already blown its way through our neighborhood leaving a cool breeze that slightly whipped your hair and that very best summer rain smell. But the finest thing it left were the clouds. They sat on top of each other, rolling across the sky, reflecting the last rays of sun as it dropped below the Rocky Mountains. It felt like they knew they had work to be done elsewhere, but they were totally complacent right where they were, giving a show to the spectators below. It was these clouds that persuaded me to end our walk early and grab my camera. They posed for me before they proceeded to their next performance.
    3. Lastly, these babies. 
      Watching things grow could be the most rewarding thing ever. So many things become clear to me as I think about the cycle of growing and progressing. I can’t even fathom how spectacular it must be watching that progress in a child. Life, in all its many forms is just simply miraculous. 

      I am very aware that these adventures don’t feel extraordinary, but I believe it’s in the little things that greater things become manifest.  I wouldn’t trade all my little moments for one big moment, unless that moment involved meeting Celine Dion. So, here’s to reveling in those little inconsequential things. Have a most fabulous week!