Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday walks.

It has been said by some of the most intelligent people ever that January and February are the most dreary and awful months of the year. (That is why we have the New Years Man and the Valentine's Man, which is an entirely different post in and of itself) Well, at least it is that way is some places. One of those places happens to be Idaho. And maybe that's not really a direct quote, but I am sure someone really really smart said it once not too long ago...

Brandon and I weren't going to have any of that nonsense. We weren't going to let the 20 degree weather keep us inside. Or the bitter wind. Or the snow. Or the fact that we couldn't feel our cheeks or our noses. We were going to show this winter who the boss was (which is us by the way) and have a nice time outside. And we did. Most ever Sunday we found a little path, or we made our own path, and got the heck outside. It is so nice to feel the sun (or at least imagine it was the sun that we felt). So, here's the living proof that we were really did have a lot of fun regardless of the sub-par conditions.

This is me making sure my nose and cheeks are still there. I thought I had stored up enough fat in those cheeks to keep them warm forever. I suppose I need just a tad bit more :)
I was always under the impression that these little buggers flew south for the winter. At least that's why the movie Fly Away Home always taught me, a little disappointed here.
You know it's going to be a good walk when it involves snow shoes.
And it's so bright outside that you do fun squinty eyed smiles
And sometimes on walks you find quirky metal contraptions that are called art by most.

See folks, living proof. And they were all great memories. And hopefully March will bring more sun and walks that don't require quite as many layers :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Twenty thirteen

  2013 has treated us well so far. All 35 days of it. Although it started a little rocky with a pretty large pile of  senior papers and a cold that had its way with me and the fact that Brandon spent the first 9 days (although it felt more like 99 days) in Montana working, we’ve been mighty blessed. 
My paper grading station.
First off, I got a long-term subbing job. That deserves a high five folks! And although I am working with quite a bit younger kiddos than planned, it’s great. As a matter of fact, I think they are some of the most intuitive and tactless ones I met. Let me give you an example. Last week a first grader told me that my scarf just did not go with my shirt. She said that although my scarf did look cozy the look just wasn’t working for her. What she didn’t know is that I was having the same exact thoughts that morning. Then a fourth grader asked me if I had woken up late one day. Now, I knew were this was going, and thought I would just roll with it. After saying no and asking why she would think such a thing, she sheepishly explained that my hair looked a little messy. Well, gee thanks. This coming from the girl that asked if I could adopt her; she needs a different angle.

 I do have some pretty great stories, most of them revolving recess. Seriously, it's better than prime time television, maybe even the bachelor, maybe ;)

Speaking of the bachelor, I am just tossed. None of the girls seem lilke real winners and I am getting real sick of these monologues of Sean working out. Are you with me? Oh, and Tierra is pretty much crazy.
We’ve also spent some time in the lovely Island Park. Our home away from home, and as Brandon calls it, Zion. I got to watch Brandon be an impressive snow-machiner and take some award winning photographs (at least in my professional opinion). We truly love our Island Park. 
See, impressive.
See, cutie pie :)
See, award winning photography.

On kinda a different note Brandon and I have dabbled in snowshoeing. We are about sick of being stuck inside and this seems like a good fit. We went to the local ski resort paid our five dollar entrance fee and hit the hills. And oh my goodness was it fun! Taking big leaps down snowy hills with real fresh air and sun and trees is just wonderful. But then, the realization hit that soon that thirty minutes of downhill glory must eventually turn into an hour of strenuous straight up the hill pure torture. But we made it, and I think we might even go back.
A snow show adventure.

Plowing through.
Heck yes.
Look, the sun made an appearance.
 And now, looking back through these 35 days, I am thinking that we’ve had a good start, and 2013 is going to be one of those really great years (besides the fact that it is an odd numbered year-they just rub me wrong for some reason).  Let’s kick this winter in the bum and show it how it should really be, yes? I think so :)