Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy December.

Seriously, HAPPY DECEMBER! I just love December. It's hands down my favorite month. So many lovely things happen in December. Christmas and my birthday to name a few..

And, in December I get to redecorate and almost have an excuse to buy new pretty things. Are you starting to see the beauty of the month December? I hope so.

If you haven't put your decorations up, shame on you. But don't you worry, it's only the 6th so you have approximately 18 days left to bring some Christmas spirit in your home. Really I am just doing this for you, I don't want you to feel like little Cindy Lou Who when she sang "Where Are You Christmas?".

You can start with a nice festive wreath. 
I got the idea for this one from this website. It was like super easy and super cheap and super quick. Three great supers.

Another thing I did to add to the feeling of Christmas in our little apartment was change some pictures around. This was the final product.
I love that picture of Brandon right there. Can you say winter apparel model?
 Well most of it, I suppose you can't see the outside of it. I got that large print from here, the scripture reference print from here, and the Grinch one I made myself.

And finally a few gifts under the tree don't hurt either. 
Don't be fooled. We simply wrapped empty boxes to make it appear as if we are getting presents.

But, you don't need big things to bring in that extra Christmas spirit. Even a little Clay Aiken Christmas music in the background should do the trick :)

The rest of our festive decorations will make an appearance in another post. 
Until then, have a happy Tuesday!